Los Angeles
 E-mail: ludovic.bouancheau@gmail.com

2004 - 2007: 3-year undergraduate degree in animation awarded by Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image, a higher technical training institute which is part of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Direction of the 2D short, VOODOO.
2003 - 2004: 1-year undergraduate degree in 3D animation awarded by Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image. Direction of the 3D short, STEAM TEAM (award-winning at festival of Stuttgart).
2000 - 2003: ECV section NOUVELLES IMAGES in BORDEAUX ; 3-year higher diploma in Visual communication and digital images . Direction of the 3D short, MILK.
1999 - 2000: l’ECV in PARIS ; intensive undergraduate studies in preparation for competitive entrance examinations to French Schools of Arts.
2008: Paprikaas Dreamworks Department Unit - Character Animator
2007-2008: Height months at DREAMWORKS ANIMATION on Features - Character Animator
2006: Height-week internship at FRAMESTORE CFC on commercials – 3D animation on characters and creatures.
2005: Four-week internship at SEAHORSE Animation on the animated series INAMI - PROP design and storyboard.
2001: Six-week internship at KALISTO entertainment (Bordeaux) - character animation for an Online game.
Five week internship at NOUVELLES IMAGES - 3D modeling for DVD menus , designs for a short animation movie.
Expert: Photoshop
Proficient: Maya (Modeling, Rigging, Animation), Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Sound Forge, Audition.
Basic: 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Amapi 3D, Dreamweaver, Painter.
French: native speaker
English: good communicative and working skills both written and spoken.
Japanese movies (live action and animation), music, travels......